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Powering exceptional patient experiences is our mission. Our customer support services ensure clients receive prompt assistance, answering questions and directing them to relevant care avenues. We direct healthcare customers towards tailored healthcare solutions. Let us support you in providing superior healthcare services with outsourced customer support.

Expert Care, One Call Away. Anytime.

We ensure every client inquiry receives swift, expert attention. Experience the difference: 24/7 availability, trained professionals, and a customer-first approach.

Our Customer Support Service Process


    We understand the customer’s immediate needs and questions to determine the appropriate solution.


    We then direct the client’s query to the appropriate department or expert.


    We then direct the client’s query to the appropriate department or expert.


    We deliver solutions, guidance, or relevant information.


    We perform regular follow-ups to ensure the healthcare client’s queries are adequately resolved.


    We meticulously document each interaction and gather insights for process improvement.


    We continuously train our customer support team to ensure they are updated with the latest healthcare trends and best practices.


    We review and monitor our service interactions, ensuring consistently high standards of support and care.


    If a query requires higher expertise or a more in-depth response, we escalate it to senior or specialized team members, ensuring every concern is addressed.

Our Comprehensive Customer Support Services

Inbound Calls: This service answers phone calls from healthcare customers. These can be about setting appointments, order follow up, asking questions, or discussing problems.

Outbound Calls: Here, the team calls healthcare customers to provide reminders or update them with crucial process updates or changes.

Emails: Healthcare customers may send in their questions via email. With our expert team, clients received prompt and tailored responses. Every piece of information we provide aims to bring clarity and accurate solutions.

Technical Assistance: If there are issues with medical equipment, we help healthcare customers troubleshoot.

Billing Inquiries: This service provides answers and clarifications to medical billing and insurance claim inquiries.

Build your back-office outsourced team and start streamlining business performance and increasing your customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Our Customer Support Outsourcing Services

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24/7 Availability

Our support line never sleeps, ensuring healthcare customers get assistance whenever needed. From medical call center services to email assistance our effective team can help. 

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Trained Personnel

Our team undergoes rigorous training, ensuring accurate, empathetic, and swift responses tailored to healthcare needs. From patient appointment scheduling to medical call center questions our team is qualified and ready to assist. 

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Confidentiality First Approach

We prioritize customer privacy and see to it that every data is protected and confidential. 

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Personalized Customer Journeys

We tailor our support services based on the healthcare customer’s unique needs. Whether its our outsourced appointment scheduling, medical call center, or combination of other services, we can provide a custom service solution for your business. 

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Scalability And Flexibility

Adjusting to varying client’s demands becomes effortless. Companies can easily scale up or down, adapting to fluctuating needs without major overhead adjustments.

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DME Service Solutions - The Leading Service Provider in the Healthcare Industry

At DME Service Solutions, we take pride in being a human-centered BPO company that caters specifically to the healthcare industry. Our team is highly engaged and specialized to meet your unique requirements. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and strive to provide tailored solutions that enhance your operations. Our commitment to partnering closely with you sets us apart in the industry and allows us to deliver the best possible service. At DME Service Solutions, our goal is to help you achieve your objectives and exceed your expectations.


Maintained support for Increase in call volume


Decrease in average days to collect documents


Days average TAT for hiring


Increase CGM Orders YOY Q1-22 vs Q1-23


Consistent service level results


Decrease in avg handling time​

Build your outsourced team to streamline your business performance and increase your customer satisfaction.