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Back-Office Customer Service Solutions and Customer Support Services

Revolutionizing Healthcare: Efficient Back Office Solutions

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In today’s rapidly evolving healthcare landscape, efficient back-office operations are essential. We bring robust solutions, ensuring seamless transitions between customer care and administrative functions through outsourced healthcare administrative services. From meticulous data entry to accurate billing and claim settlements, our back-office services are designed to maximize efficiency and healthcare customer satisfaction.

We promise reduced overhead costs and quicker response times by leveraging cutting-edge technology and a dedicated team of professionals. Our comprehensive suite addresses every back office need, letting healthcare providers focus on their primary mission: delivering top-notch client care. Choose us for a seamless, efficient, and customer-centric outsourced healthcare admin experience.

Ever considered outsourcing administrative work for your business?

Build your back-office outsourced team and start streamlining business performance and increasing your customer satisfaction.

Our End-to-End Back-Office Customer Service Process

In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, seamless engagement is paramount. We champion this by integrating multiple channels, ensuring every healthcare customer interaction is personalized, efficient, and impactful.
  • Initial Assessment

    We delve into understanding your current systems, recognizing strengths, and pinpointing areas of improvement.

  • Channel Selection

    We identify and adopt the channels favored by your healthcare client base, from traditional calls to modern digital platforms.

  • Training

    Our teams are extensively trained, ensuring they're proficient in each channel and can deliver the highest standard of customer-centric service.

  • Continuous Monitoring

    We consistently monitor all engagement channels, utilizing feedback to refine and enhance the healthcare customer experience further.

  • Compliance Adherence

    Given the sensitive nature of healthcare data, we ensure strict adherence to all regulatory and compliance standards across channels.

  • Performance Analysis

    We assess our multi-channel strategies, making adjustments to align with evolving healthcare client needs and preferences.

DME Service Solutions Outsourcing Advantage for Back-Office Customer Services

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Cost-effective Solutions

Leveraging economies of scale, we provide top-tier services that significantly reduce operational costs, boosting profitability.

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Compliance And Security

Our systems adhere strictly to healthcare regulations, protecting healthcare customer data and minimizing compliance-related risks.

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Scalable Service Model

Easily adjust the size of your service team based on demand, ensuring you only pay for what you need.

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Expert Healthcare Staff

Our well-trained professionals understand the nuances of healthcare, delivering accurate and compassionate service every time.

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Integrated Multichannel Support

Offering phone, email, and chat support services ensures healthcare customers can reach out through their preferred communication channels.

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24/7 Support Availability

Our round-the-clock customer support services ensure that healthcare client queries and concerns are addressed promptly, anytime.

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DME Service Solutions - The Leading Service Provider in the Healthcare Industry

At DME Service Solutions, we take pride in being a human-centered BPO company that caters specifically to the healthcare industry. Our team is highly engaged and specialized to meet your unique requirements. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and strive to provide tailored solutions that enhance your operations. Our commitment to partnering closely with you sets us apart in the industry and allows us to deliver the best possible service. At DME Service Solutions, our goal is to help you achieve your objectives and exceed your expectations.


Maintained support for Increase in call volume


Decrease in average days to collect documents


Days average TAT for hiring


Increase CGM Orders YOY Q1-22 vs Q1-23


Consistent service level results


Decrease in avg handling time​

Build your outsourced team to streamline your business performance and increase your customer satisfaction.