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Scanning Process

During document intake, scanning plays a crucial role in transforming physical documents into digital files, ensuring utmost data security and efficiency. This simplifies the access and management of vital healthcare information.

Healthcare Document Scanning: Secure, Efficient, and Future-proof

Enter the future where documents are not only digitized, but also managed with unmatched precision and accessibility. Our approach guarantees a transformation that stands the test of time.

Our Scanning Process


    We begin by identifying and organizing all the necessary documents for scanning, ensuring they are complete and ready for the next step.


    We use advanced scanners to capture high-resolution images of each document, accurately preserving all critical information.


    We thoroughly review the scanned images for clarity and completeness, correcting any errors to ensure the highest data quality standards.


    We employ robust encryption techniques to protect digital files, ensuring the utmost security of sensitive healthcare data.


    We responsibly manage the original physical documents, offering secure storage solutions or certified disposal services while adhering to compliance and privacy regulations.


    We provide comprehensive training and support to clients, enabling them to effectively use the newly digitized document system for optimal healthcare service delivery.

Our Comprehensive Creation of New Account Services

Batch Scanning: Scan large volumes of documents in batches, perfect for converting physical archives into digital formats..

Medical Records Scanning: Digitize healthcare customer medical records, including charts, prescriptions, and reports, making them easier to access and manage.

Document Management System (DMS) Integration: Integrate scanned documents into a DMS for convenient electronic management, storage, and retrieval.

Compliance-Adherent Scanning: Specialized scanning services that strictly adhere to healthcare regulations like HIPAA, ensuring confidentiality and security of sensitive information.

Day-Forward Scanning: Proactively scan and digitize all documents as part of regular workflow, progressively reducing paper usage.

Build your back-office outsourced team and start streamlining business performance and increasing your customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Our Scanning Process Services

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Swift Project Completion

Meet tight deadlines with the assistance of dedicated teams that ensure quick project turnover, streamlining operations, and enhancing service delivery.

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Secure Data Management

Trust in stringent data security protocols that safeguard sensitive information, ensuring confidentiality and compliance throughout the scanning process.

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Scalability And Flexibility

Adjust effortlessly to fluctuating demands with scalable solutions, providing the flexibility to handle varied volumes of document scanning tasks.

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Green Operations

Foster environmentally friendly operations by reducing paper usage, contributing to sustainable practices, and reducing the carbon footprint of your healthcare facility.

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Cost-efficiency And Savings

Experience substantial cost savings by avoiding equipment and staff training investments while achieving superior results with expert services.

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DME Service Solutions - The Leading Service Provider in the Healthcare Industry

At DME Service Solutions, we take pride in being a human-centered BPO company that caters specifically to the healthcare industry. Our team is highly engaged and specialized to meet your unique requirements. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and strive to provide tailored solutions that enhance your operations. Our commitment to partnering closely with you sets us apart in the industry and allows us to deliver the best possible service. At DME Service Solutions, our goal is to help you achieve your objectives and exceed your expectations.


Maintained support for Increase in call volume


Decrease in average days to collect documents


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Increase CGM Orders YOY Q1-22 vs Q1-23


Consistent service level results


Decrease in avg handling time​

Build your outsourced team to streamline your business performance and increase your customer satisfaction.