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Why Outsource Revenue Cycle Management?

Why Outsource Revenue Cycle Management?

Proper revenue cycle management (RCM) is key to longevity in your healthcare company. From the first moment a patient comes to you for treatment, they enter your collections cycle, which involves registering them for service, submitting their claims to their insurance company and ultimately collecting payment for their care.

This extensive process can burden those who navigate it, especially when they have other patients, services and filings to take care of during the day. Furthermore, even one small error in the paperwork can negate the work, forcing them to start from the beginning yet again to ensure adequate payment. That is why many healthcare companies are recognizing the benefit of outsourcing RCM to talents outside their organization.

The Benefits of Outsourcing Revenue Cycle Management in Healthcare

When you outsource your revenue cycle management, you connect with a team of experienced professionals who can take care of your payment cycles with ease. These professionals will integrate with your existing departments to learn the ropes and eventually take over, freeing your employees to take on other essential tasks. Having a supportive team to manage your most crucial revenue cycle situations can improve your methods of:

  • Patient management: When you can pass those complex insurance queries and back-end filing off to the professionals, you have more time and energy to focus your efforts where they are most needed — your patients. At DME Service Solutions, we are dedicated to helping you continuously improve your patient care efforts by managing your revenue cycle. You can spend more time listening to, treating and connecting with those who come to you for essential healthcare services.
  • Staff satisfaction: What are your staff’s least favorite parts of their job? In most cases, your healthcare staff would rather spend their time practicing medicine than filling out the complicated, constant forms your practice and insurance providers need to do their jobs. When they get to put more time into doing the parts of the job they love, they work more efficiently and have higher levels of overall satisfaction in their work.
  • Site efficiency: By outsourcing tasks to professionals like ours at DME Service Solutions, your on-site staff can get more done. We understand healthcare RCM’s unique complexities and stay informed about changes in the industry and your guidelines so we can handle your financial matters without requiring input.
  • Cost savings: When we take on your RCM processes, we focus on fulfilling your billing needs and managing your paperwork. With our unparalleled focus and industry expertise, we can avoid errors, improve productivity and drive more results, saving you money while helping more of it return to you quickly.

Why Choose RCM Outsourcing With DME Service Solutions?

At DME Service Solutions, we take pride in being a HIPAA-compliant RCM outsourcing company ready to join your team and streamline your payment processes. Our experts take a client-centric approach to our work, meaning we listen to your preferences and requirements and tailor our efforts to meet them. We specialize in helping small and medium-sized businesses (SMBs) understand the benefits of revenue cycle management in healthcare.

Each of our staff members comes to us with years of experience, so we can send them straight to the front lines of your business, and you can start seeing measurable results as soon as possible. They will keep you updated on their progress and report any concerns immediately to keep your performance levels high.

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Transform Your RCM Processes With Our Expertise Today

The benefits of outsourcing revenue cycle management are evident in any industry. When you work in an industry like healthcare that relies on expedient payment resolution and regularly works with secure and private information, only the most experienced management team is suited for the task. Connect with our team at DME Service Solutions to learn more about our experience with hospitals, doctors, labs and specialty healthcare centers and see proof of our results before letting us take on your RCM services.