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The Benefits of Healthcare Outsourcing

The Benefits of Healthcare Outsourcing

When you work in the ever-changing world of healthcare, you must find new ways to cut costs and improve service. Business process outsourcing (BPO) is one of the many ways modern healthcare companies streamline their operations. BPO lets you send the day-to-day administrative tasks of back-office support, filing, follow-up calls and other processes to a secondary resource of professionals specializing in healthcare-related activities. This outsourcing frees your leaders and other staff members to complete the essential work of interacting with and treating your patients.

At DME Service Solutions, we offer BPO for healthcare companies nationwide and beyond. We are HIPAA-compliant and manage our services 24/7, so your company stays up to date at all times. Learn more about the benefits and drawbacks of BPO, then contact us to learn more about how we can cater to your business’s unique preferences.

Why Outsource Healthcare BPO?

BPO is rapidly becoming the next frontier in healthcare advancement. It offers the unique opportunity to have professional support at your fingertips, whether for highly specified protocols or mundane everyday tasks. BPO is often found in physician offices and hospitals. Still, it is also useful for any business within the healthcare industry, including DME/HME suppliers and distributors, DME/HME manufacturing devices, laboratories, dental offices, psychiatry care centers, hospices, clinics and treatment centers. Healthcare outsourcing contributes to:

  • Cost and time efficiency: When you pay a company like DME Service Solutions to take over some of your tasks, you can save money by working with experienced professionals who free up your schedule to provide better patient care.
  • Accessibility: We are available every minute of every day to help your patients schedule appointments, answer questions and file claims. When it is easier for them to speak to and work with you, they are more likely to have positive experiences with your healthcare services and return for future needs.
  • Reduced liability: When you outsource to other trained professionals, such as our staff at DME Service Solutions, you can reduce your liability, as we are intimately familiar with all the rules and regulations we need to maintain.

The Challenges of Outsourcing Healthcare BPO

While the benefits of healthcare outsourcing are well-documented, you also need to understand the challenges and potential pitfalls of it before fully investing. Consider how these aspects of your facility may be affected by outsourcing:

  • Quality of care: Switching from in-house service teams to an outsourcing team can feel daunting, especially when you are unsure whether their standards will match the stringent ones you have set thus far. We maintain strict protocols for our staff and have an in-house quality team that calibrates with our clients  to ensure consistent execution of their processes.
  • Privacy and security: Perhaps the most significant concern many companies have when outsourcing any of their work is the additional privacy concerns that come from sharing information with another party. At DME Service Solutions, we are fully HIPAA-compliant, ISO27001, SOC2, and PCI DSS certified, ensuring security for our partners and their clients.
  • Resource management: While BPO is generally a cost-effective solution, most companies have upfront costs. The best way to mitigate these expenses is to ensure your BPO is capable of helping you make that money back through other means. At DME Service Solutions, we do not have any upfront costs. We offer simple billing and only bill hourly rates for the production hours. Contact our team to learn more.

How to Find a Healthcare Outsourcing Company

Though BPO can come with its share of challenges, most organizations considering bringing in support find the potential benefits worth the risk, especially following the reduced care rates in the wake of the pandemic. When you think about hiring an outsourcing team like ours at DME Service Solutions, these tips will ensure our services are the right choice for you:

  • Determine which processes to outsource: Outsourcing usually focuses on one of three areas — nonclinical operations, like data management and billing, administrative work, such as human resources and information technology, or clinical operations, like telehealth and patient care. Know which areas you need the most support in, and request it upfront so we can match you with the right team to help.
  • Explore track records and reputations: Your BPO provider should be prepared to keep up with the high-quality service your in-house team already performs. In fact, they should be able to outperform your staff and enhance your productivity. At DME Service Solutions, our records speak for themselves and prove our expertise in real-world scenarios.
  • Talk to BPO staff about your options: The best way to get an idea of the company you partner with is to talk to them firsthand. Our team is available for consultation whenever you are ready to invest in new solutions.

Get Healthcare Solutions at DME Service Solutions

Now that you understand the pros and cons of healthcare outsourcing, it is time to make a decision and find the right source for your needs. We ensure your staff and clients alike get the support they need every day while maintaining site efficiency and security for everyone involved.

At DME Service Solutions, we are transforming the future of healthcare. In less than a year, we have added hundreds of new employees to serve multiple countries while prioritizing accessibility and privacy. Join us and see what you have been missing — reach out today to get started.