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Realizing a 105% Surge in Sales with DME Service Solutions

Case Study:

Realizing a 105% Surge in Sales with DME Service Solutions

DME Service Solutions significantly enhanced the sales performance of a leading US-based Medical Response Provider, addressing critical challenges and driving substantial growth.
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The Client

A prominent US-based Medical Response Provider faced challenges with a constrained onshore sales team, leading to issues of limited capacity and low conversion rates.

The Challenge

Limited Onshore Sales Capacity: The client faced a significant challenge as their onshore sales team had limitations in generating leads and closing sales effectively, resulting in suboptimal conversion rates. With a comparatively higher operations cost, the company explored alternative strategies. The need for enhanced capacity, flexibility, and cost-effectiveness prompted them to seek a solution that could address these challenges and elevate their sales performance to better meet market demands.

The DME Service Solutions

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Expert DME Sales Team

Strategically deployed an expert sales team with specialized knowledge, ensuring that the sales representatives possess in-depth product understanding and industry expertise to effectively communicate value propositions and address customer concerns. This approach significantly enhanced customer engagement and trust, ultimately boosting sales performance.

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Enhanced Work Hours

Implemented a more flexible work schedule covering extended hours and diverse time zones to maximize outreach and engagement with potential clients, utilizing a proven sales framework for efficient lead conversion.

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Product Immersion

Implemented a comprehensive product immersion strategy, ensuring the sales team possesses an in-depth understanding of the client's product portfolio, fostering expertise in product features, benefits, and applications. This enhanced customer interactions, build confidence, and drive improved sales outcomes.

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Performance Review Optimization

Optimized the performance review process by incorporating a data-driven approach, utilizing key metrics and qualitative assessments to provide constructive feedback. This identified strengths, addressed areas for improvement, and aligned individual performance with overall sales objectives, which fostered continuous growth and success.

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Tailored Sales Technique

Empowered our sales team with not just expertise but also a genuine sense of empathy. Enabling them to connect on a deeper level with our geriatric audience, our representatives approach their interactions with a compassionate understanding of the unique needs and concerns surrounding personal emergency response systems.

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Process Optimization

Implemented an agile process optimization initiative, streamlining sales workflows, reducing bottlenecks, and enhancing overall operational efficiency. This approach involved identifying and eliminating unnecessary steps, automating repetitive tasks, and refining communication channels to ensure a more agile and responsive sales process.

The Result


Sales vs Onshore Team


Reduction in Operations Cost

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