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Business professionals shaking hands, symbolizing success in reducing attrition rates.

DME’s Transformative solutions Reduced Attrition by 67%

Case Study:

DME's Transformative solutions Reduced Attrition by 67%

DME Service Solutions successfully tackled attrition challenges for a leading US-based durable medical equipment provider, implementing strategic changes in hiring, training, and overall employee engagement to significantly reduce attrition rates.
Business professionals shaking hands, symbolizing success in reducing attrition rates.

The Client

A leading US-based provider of advanced telehealth solutions faced persistent attrition challenges in its workforce, affecting operational efficiency and overall performance. The client struggled with lengthy hiring and training processes, higher training fall-out rates, lower quality ratings, and a high attrition rate.

The Challenge

High Attrition Rates: The client was grappling with a 30% attrition rate, impacting the stability of its workforce and hindering sustained growth. Upon investigation, it was identified that the extended Turnaround Time (TAT) for hiring and training, coupled with lower quality ratings, contributed to the attrition challenge. To address these issues, it is crucial to implement streamlined hiring processes, expedited training programs, and initiatives aimed at enhancing overall employee engagement. However, it is important to note that this undertaking is a costly exercise – as it translates to significant financial investment, demanding a substantial restructuring of budget allocations and operational frameworks.

The DME Service Solutions

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Streamlined Hiring Process

DME took full control of the hiring process, leveraging its proven framework to achieve a 100% overhaul. By implementing a comprehensive strategy with data-driven decision-making and targeted competency assessments, the organization reduced hiring turnaround time from 30 to 15 days. This optimized approach ensured efficiency at every stage, leading to faster and more accurate identification of qualified candidates.

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Accelerated Training Programs

Revamped the training programs, adopting a modular and interactive approach. The accelerated training programs focused on hands-on experiences, simulations, and real-world scenarios, ensuring that employees were equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge in a shorter timeframe. Personalized training plans were also implemented, catering to individual learning styles and pace, enhancing the overall effectiveness of the training process.

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Enhanced Training Support

Addressed training fall-out rates by implementing enhanced training support, introducing mentorship programs with experienced mentors to guide and support new hires. Additionally, feedback mechanisms were established to identify and address specific challenges faced by trainees, ensuring a more tailored and supportive training experience.

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Proactive Talent Management

DME's proactive talent management identifies and nurtures high-potential employees through regular performance assessments and skill mapping. This approach creates a prepared talent pool for leadership roles, increasing employee satisfaction and ensuring a continuous pipeline of skilled individuals contributing to client success.

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Holistic Employee Engagement

Implemented holistic wellness programs, addressing physical health, mental well-being, and work-life balance. Offered career development opportunities, such as skill-building workshops and personalized growth plans, to enhance satisfaction and commitment. Established regular communication channels to address concerns and foster a sense of belonging, leading to a substantial reduction in attrition rates and a more positive work environment.

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Strong Employer Branding

Due to a robust employer branding in the market, supported by various initiatives and an above-average salary package, DME consistently attracts the best talents. By maintaining a commitment to quality in staffing, DME strengthens its workforce, ensuring the availability of qualified and experienced individuals to support the client's telehealth services. This approach contributes to a more dynamic and resilient service delivery.

The Result


Improved hiring and training TAT
30 days vs 15 days

30% vs 9.8%

Reduced attrition rate

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