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Journeys of Success: Employee Stories at DME Service Solutions

Every employee has a unique story to tell. Each tale gives us a glimpse of growth, challenges, and success. Above all, every journey never fails to inspire many. At DME Service Solutions, we pride ourselves on creating an environment where our employees can thrive and be the best version of themselves. This blog will unravel the amazing stories of five employees: Victor, Hanna, Ronalyn, John Paulo, and Ryan.

Victor’s Surprise Commendation

Victor joined DME Service Solutions in October 2021. New beginnings are often filled with apprehensions and uncertainties, but he quickly adapted to the company’s culture. He was surprised when he received a commendation from a healthcare customer. Recognitions are not everyday occurrences. Yet, what inspired him the most was the client took the time and effort to acknowledge his efforts and work ethic. But the team player that he is, Victor was quick to attribute his success to his team’s cohesive spirit and collaboration. The sense of collective responsibility and recognition sets DME Service Solutions’ employees apart.

Hanna’s Rise to Leadership

A month after Victor joined the company, Hanna soon became part of the DME Service Solutions team. Over seven (7) months, she showcased an impeccable performance. Hanna has been consistent and exceeded all expectations. Her work was noticed. As a matter of fact, her lead encouraged her to apply for a supervisory role. Hanna was soon promoted. Yet, her journey continues after she has her own team. She was entrusted with the responsibility of managing a blended team. She was handling a group of agents from Mexico and agents from the Philippines.

Indeed, Hanna’s ability to supervise cross-cultural teams is a testament to her strong leadership. With a commendation under her belt, Hanna is grateful for the trust, support, and opportunities that DME Service Solutions opened for her.

Ronalyn’s Unexpected Accolade

Ronalyn’s association with DME Service Solutions began in September 2022. Once in a while, an employee receives a message from the higher-ups, which may cause some concerns. Ronalyn is no stranger to this experience. When she received a message from Karen Aguilar (Communications and Learning and Development Lead), she thought it would end her career.

Contrary to Ronalyn’s fears, Karen informed her about the positive feedback that she received from a healthcare client. Similar to Victor, she was not expecting the excellent comment too.

According to Ronalyn, DME Service Solutions’ work-from-home arrangement is one of the reasons behind her success. Performing her duties in the comfort of her home gave her the flexibility to have a work-life balance.

John Paulo’s First-time Recognition

John Paulo or more popularly known as JP, entered DME Service Solutions when Claire, his partner, referred him.

JP has been working in the BPO industry for seven years. He knows it like the back of his hand. However, nothing prepared him for a healthcare customer commendation. It was an entirely new experience for him.

Like Ronalyn, JP is also thankful for the remote setup. It allowed him to focus and break free from all the stress caused by the daily commute.

But beyond the remote working setup, JP is grateful for all the support and guidance his friends and team leader have shown him.

Ryan’s Trust in DME Service Solutions’ Reputation

Ryan’s journey with DME Service Solution was motivated by the company’s esteemed reputation for prioritizing employee welfare. Throughout his journey with the company, one incident stands out. One of the healthcare customers requested to speak to his supervisor. It made Ryan’s heart skip a bit, for he thought he had done something wrong. However, the conversation veered in a completely unexpected direction, to his surprise.

The customer said nothing but praise for Ryan’s hard work.

Ryan, ever humble, attributes much of his success to his supportive teammates and vigilant team leader. On that day, he took a moment to appreciate the company’s culture, which valued and acknowledged his contributions.


Victor, Hanna, Ronalyn, JP, and Ryan – each of these individuals may have different career paths. Yet, they all resonate with gratitude towards DME Service Solutions’ employee-first policies. Their experiences epitomize the company’s commitment to nurturing talent and celebrating achievements, ensuring every member feels valued and empowered.

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