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DME Service Solutions Brings Joy to a Community in Need

MEXICO CITY, May 5, 2024 — DME Service Solutions continues to demonstrate its commitment to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) with a recent heartwarming event that brought smiles and joy to the community. This initiative, organized by DME Service Solutions, highlights the company’s dedication to community engagement and social responsibility.

In Guadalupe, Nuevo Leon, DME Service Solutions, organized a special event to deliver toys, cake, candy and piñatas to children in need. This was done in collaboration with the Freemason of Lodge Dr. Angel Martinez Villarreal #39, jurisdiction of the Grand Lodge of Nuevo Leon. The festivities, themed around Super Mario Brothers, was aimed to celebrate Children’s Day. 

Apart from the tokens shared, DME also hosted a movie night and a party with the special appearance by the Mario Brother characters, making the event a memorable experience for everyone.

This CSR initiative brought smiles to the children of families during the Children’s Day celebration. Recognizing that poverty exists in all cities and that many children do not receive any gifts on this special day, DME Service Solutions’ goal was to create a memorable and special experience for them, preaching kindness through action.

Moises Guzman, Sr. Operations Manager MX, shared his thoughts on the event, “We wanted to bring joy and hope to children who rarely experience the simple pleasures many of us take for granted. Our goal was to create a memorable and special day for them, and I believe we succeeded. This event reflects our company’s commitment to kindness and community support.”

Children and Super Mario characters

This successful event underscores DME Service Solutions’ commitment to making a positive impact on communities. The company’s proactive approach to CSR goes beyond traditional methods, focusing on direct engagement and creating meaningful experiences for those in need. 

Richard Lee, CEO of DME Service Solutions, expressed his pride in the team’s efforts, stating, “Our commitment to corporate social responsibility is at the core of our values. This event is a testament to our dedication to making a meaningful impact on the communities we serve. We believe in the power of proactive engagement to bring about positive change.

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