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La Familia DME Service Solutions le da la bienvenida a México

November 5, 2022, is a historical date for DME as we celebrate another milestone as an organization. On that day, we inaugurated our Mexico site as our second Business Process Outsourcing operation site. The event was attended by our 100+ employees in Mexico who came from different areas in the country. Our executive leaders, Ryan Holbrook (CEO, Founder) and Richard Lee (President, Co-founder), went to Mexico to congratulate and show appreciation to everyone for their hard work and contribution to expanding our services in Latin America.

Mexico is the 2nd largest economy in Latin America, with a growing market of skilled workers. It established itself as the best call center operation option for destinations like the US and Canada. They are now one of the leading Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) known for making its process simple, exceptional, and affordable. Some advantages Mexico offers are (1) their accessibility and short travel; it will take just a few hours to travel from the US to visit on-site offices. (2) hybrid and cultural similarities, and (3) highly fluent English-speaking agents. Mexico’s workforce consists of younger generations with eagerness and high commitment to working hard and always aiming to produce high-quality results, making them excellent options for big companies to outsource their businesses.

The International Monetary Fund recognized Mexico as a developing market economy, considered the 15th largest in the world in terms of nominal GDP and the 13th with the highest purchasing power parity. As an emerging player in the economy, they were known as one of the leading exporters in Latin America. Their strength focused on economic, financial, and commercial policies to boost their ties with the domestic market. As a worldwide leader in the BPO industry and strategically extending footprints in the global market, DME Service Solutions took advantage of this growing economy.

To end the festivities the DME way, we had our Year-end Party with the employees on November 5. Everyone who attended enjoyed the event and really felt how fun it is to be an employee at DME. We gave out raffle prizes, treats and other tokens of appreciation to everyone who helped us with all our accomplishments in Mexico.

Nuevamente, ¡felicidades México y bienvenido a nuestra familia DME Service Solutions! (Again, congratulations Mexico and welcome to our DME Service Solutions Family!)

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