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Ryan Holbrook and Richard Lee poses with the leadership summit participants.

DME Service Solutions Conducts Successful Leadership Summit in Mexico

Mexico – March 23, 2023 – DME Service Solutions held its exciting bi-annual leadership summit in Mexico. The event featured leadership talks from the company’s executive leadership team. Participants also had the chance to ask questions and meet their colleagues in person.

Working in an entirely virtual environment has put a halt in one-on-one interactions; having the chance to see each other and our leaders face to face has given us the opportunity to breach this challenge and build trust within our leaders,” Sandra Mejia (Operations Trainer) said.

Ryan Holbrook gives a talk during the leadership summit in Mexico.

Plunge into the Deep Dive

This year, DME Service Solutions used the theme "Deep Dive" to capture the essence of the activity.

"The theme is inspired by the transition from the theme of the leadership assembly last year, which is All Aboard DME! From boarding the OneDME ship, this year, we want to get to know more about the DME leaders on a deeper level to discover the DME leadership brand," Karen Aguilar (Learning and Development and Communications Lead), shared.

Nomin Dashdondog (Talent Coordinator/ Talent Acquisition), who attended the event for the first time, described the theme as "well-thought-out and very clear."

Aside from the usual meet-and-greet, the event also discussed servant leadership and personal branding.

Richard Lee hugs one of the leadership summit's awardees.

Embracing Servant Leadership

Servant leadership is an approach where leaders prioritize the well-being of their employees and serve them so they can reach their fullest potential. It emphasizes developing trust between leaders and followers, creating camaraderie within teams, and delegating authority and responsibility as appropriate. Research shows that servant leadership can help increase employee retention by 50%.

Avon Toffie Austria (VP for Business Transformation) stressed that such approach is crucial in making the DME Service Solutions' managers, leads, and supervisors more agile. This will help the company respond to changes quickly and still address the needs of its employees.

Servant leaders create a conducive and safe environment for employees to work with trust and agility to support the company’s growth. It inspires all employees to aspire to be future leaders that decrease turnover rate and sustain readiness for more scope and responsibility. This boosts team morale that leads to higher productivity and efficient work delivery,” Austria emphasized.

Why Do Personal Branding

DME employee shows her views about the leadership summit.
Julie Gonzalez smiles as she receives her award

Meanwhile, personal branding is how an individual stands out in their field and is recognized. It includes crafting a unique brand story and building a social media presence. It also means establishing solid professional relationships with colleagues and customers and learning to network effectively.

When asked how personal branding impacts DME Service Solutions, Aguilar disclosed, “Individual personal brand helps us define the leadership brand of the organization.

After the training, special awards were given to some of the participants. Some of the recipients were Erika Gonzalez, Monserrat Guzman, Anna Ovalle, Diana Hernandez, and Julie Gonzalez. DME Service Solutions also held a fun fest the following day.

The leadership summit is a bi-annual event of DME Service Solutions happening every March and November.

Richard Lee having fun during the Fun Fest.
DME Service Solutions - Mexico

DME invests in our leaders’ development, so seeing the participants’ reaction as they learn new things gives such fulfillment to me as an organizer…I am happy that majority of the leaders were able to make it in the leadership summit,” Aguilar said.

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