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Our streamlined Reorder process ensures efficient management of medical supplies and inventory, optimizing costs and allowing healthcare facilities to focus on delivering quality customer care. With efficient execution, facilities can reduce operational disruptions, maintain a steady supply of essential items, and achieve operational excellence. Experience operational excellence and cost savings through outsourcing.

Unlock Operational Efficiency, Cut Costs, and Elevate Customer Care with Our Reorder Process.

Change the game with our healthcare BPO reorder services. Drive productivity, minimize errors, and guarantee seamless operations. Give your patients the best while optimizing backend processes. Choose excellence.

Our Reorder Process Steps


    We determine the customer's next eligible date and identify the valid documents required to process a reorder.


    We validate the following on file: CMN, MR, and Auth. Additionally, we conduct follow-ups for any missing documents.


    Our team diligently monitors order status to provide a seamless experience for customers. We track shipping, pending orders, and necessary corrections.


    We conduct validation or correction of customer's demographics, insurance coverage, and doctor information on file.


    We facilitate the creation of Quality Variance requests for the exchange, return, or reshipment of items from previous orders.

Our Consistent and Efficient Reorder Services

Ensuring accurate order placement, record-keeping, and documentation to minimize errors and enhance accountability.

Reducing lead times and order processing times, leading to a more efficient supply chain operation.

Reducing administrative overhead and paperwork associated with procurement by optimizing the reorder process.

Allocating resources more effectively by eliminating waste, minimizing storage costs, and streamlining procurement processes.

Build your back-office outsourced team and start streamlining business performance and increasing your customer satisfaction.

Why Choose Our Reorder Services

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Expertise And Knowledge

Our specialized knowledge in medical device supply chains, regulatory compliance, and industry standards guarantees accurate and compliant procurement processes—a critical aspect of the highly regulated medical device sector. Gain confidence in your procurement with us.

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Operational Efficiency

Experience improved supply chain operations with our optimized reorder process. Reduced lead times, order processing times, and stock outs frequency.

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Efficient Revenue Cycle Management

Re-engineer your revenue journey from patient entry to payment collection. Boost cash flows, minimize leakages, and witness a transformative increase in profitability.

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Reduce Administrative Burden

Our streamlined reorder process guarantees a steady supply of essential items, optimizing patient care and improving outcomes. Reduce administrative burdens and empower healthcare staff to prioritize patient care and critical functions.

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Our streamlined reorder processes help reduce waste, optimize inventory turnover, and promote environmentally responsible procurement practices. With the assurance of readily available supplies, improve customer (patient) and employee satisfaction while reducing stress and enhancing the overall healthcare experience.

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DME Service Solutions - The Leading Service Provider in the Healthcare Industry

At DME Service Solutions, we take pride in being a human-centered BPO company that caters specifically to the healthcare industry. Our team is highly engaged and specialized to meet your unique requirements. We understand the importance of customer satisfaction and strive to provide tailored solutions that enhance your operations. Our commitment to partnering closely with you sets us apart in the industry and allows us to deliver the best possible service. At DME Service Solutions, our goal is to help you achieve your objectives and exceed your expectations.


Maintained support for Increase in call volume


Decrease in average days to collect documents


Days average TAT for hiring


Increase CGM Orders YOY Q1-22 vs Q1-23


Consistent service level results


Decrease in avg handling time​

Build your outsourced team to streamline your business performance and increase your customer satisfaction.